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Apartment Building

Representative Properties

Since inception we've foreclosed on approximately $15 billion in real estate. Below is a sampling of some of the properties upon which we have foreclosed.

Phoenix, AZ

$20 Million


San Diego, CA

$65 Million

San Diego.jpg

Agoura Hills, CA

$20.2 Million

Agoura Hills.jpg

Phoenix, AZ

$198.5 Million

Phoenix HIgh-rise.jpg

Los Angeles, CA

$2.8 Million

LA CVS.jpg

Tucson, AZ

$41 Million

Marriott Tucson AZ.jpg

Island, WA

$1.56 Million

Island WA.jpg

Ada, ID

$7.6 Million

Ada, ID.jpg

Elko, NV

$6.4 Million

Elko NV Holiday Inn.jpg

Mission Viejo, CA

$36 Million

Mission Viejo CA.jpg

Puyallup, WA

$15 Million

Pallyup WA.jpg
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